Good manners first.

Hi there! My name is Artemis and I am the founder and creative director of BIKINI DOLLS. I was born and raised in a seaside city of Greece, called Thessaloniki. I’m a Capricorn. Wanna read a good story?

The seed

What’s your most powerful summer memory? Mine and the one that I cherish the most is of this little summer ritual my mom and I had when I was a little girl. Every afternoon, we used to ride our bikes, unapologetically tanned and everything, from our house down to the beach just to lay on the sand and enjoy the sun and the soul-soothing sea, day after day, all summer long. Wanna talk beach fashion in the 90s? Well, things were simple back then as my beach outfit was taken care of by my “personal shopper” - good job mom, thanks for the ruffles!

What is BIKINI DOLLS? It’s love ❤️ in a form.

Driven by this deeply rooted, ever-growing love for summer and everything that it entails, in 2015, I created the Instagram blog @bikinidolls as an ode to the feminine figure and the season’s paramount fashion element, swimwear. Through BIKINI DOLLS, I always tried to inspire by showcasing unique, beautiful women’s swimsuits, from the cutest, flattering monochrome bikini to the most extravagant prints and fabrics. And your love all those years has been overwhelming!

What I gained? I reached out and made friends, I was educated about the industry, and had the chance to work with some of the top swimwear brands around the world. And most of all, I communicated with you and shared our common passion.

And now the passion evolved.

Fast forward to 2019, when I decided it was the right time to take the next big step and launch my own swimwear brand, the BIKINI DOLLS label. Having felt and worn enough swimwear designs, cuts and fabrics, and having received your feedback on even more via @bikinidolls, I reached this level of maturity where I knew what I wanted to offer. We are now a team of two and created the BIKINI DOLLS swimwear line based on three essential elements:


Character - Shaped by you, BIKINI DOLLS offers trendy, super chic bikini and one-piece designs with a universal aura. They will feel just right wearing them while enjoying a romantic sunset in Santorini, lying under the palm trees in Bali, or partying by the pool in sunny Miami.

Feel - All pieces are made from luxury, super soft and stretchy fabrics from Spain and Greece that are as comfortable to wear as they sound. The collection includes cuts to compliment every body type and most pieces feature seamless finishing for ultimate comfort.

Ethos - Production is done in Greece, in a little factory that is located in the city of Athens and adheres by European standards on working conditions. The people that make your swimwear, we know them by their first names. 

In the end, we are just girls who wanna have fun!

And feel good in our swimwear! Trust us, at BIKINI DOLLS we know it all comes down to this feeling, because we are you. From humble beginnings, we work hard, step-by-step and if we succeed to make you feel a little more carefree in your beach outfit, it will mean the world to us! No matter what, keep on chasing summers loves.